Yuriy Ivanets

Yuriy Ivanets (1961) is a musician, a conductor and a teacher. He plays a traditional Russian musical instrument Ц balalaika. Being a researcher of russian folk instruments histori, he has written the works УThe history of balalaika from Andreev tu VasilenkoФ and УBalalaika from ancient times to nowadaysФ. Yuriy got his musical education in Novosibirsk State Conservatoire, the balalaika department under supervision of A.Klyuev and the conductor department under the supervision of V.Prasolov and B.Rivkin. Yuriy had his concerts not on only in cities of Russia but in Kazakhstan, Latviya, Estonia, Romaniya, Italy.He works as a teacher at Musical school 10 in Novosibirsk. His is a musical leader and organizer of children's ensemble У Sibirian balalaikasФ. The concert program comprises russian and western classical works, popular folk melodies, original work for balalaika. The musician invites to cooperation concert organizations and interested persons.

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Ensemble "Sibirian balalaikas"
BALALAIKA: a short history
Project for publication
The musical master VLADIMIR MOSSEYCHUK
(Balalaikas, domras, guitars)

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