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Yuriy Ivanets “Balalaika: from the ancient times to nowadays.”

This is a book about the history of balalaika, its origin and perfection, balalaika concerts. A reader can learn about such famous people as Russian tsar Nikolai-II, the Russian composer P.Chaikovskiy, Leo Tolstoi and actress Sara Bernar and their interest to balalaika. There are many interesting facts about other Russian instruments: domra, gusli (psaltery), bayan (kind of accordion) as well as detailed history of Andreev’s Velikoruski Orchestra and modern musical groups in this genre in the book. The book is supposed to be published in Russian and in English.

Yuriy Ivanets – “Balalaika playing manual”.

It is a manual for learning the fundamentals of balalaika playing. It consists of the textbook and three selections of balalaika’s works: balalaika with piano, balalaika and guitar and balalaika duet. Audiocassets are attached. It can be helpful for those who learn to play balalaika.

The author will appreciate very much any donation for realization of this project.

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Yuriy Ivanets  balalaika-player, teacher, conductor, researcher
Ensemble "Sibirian balalaikas"
BALALAIKA: a short history
The musical master VLADIMIR MOSSEYCHUK
(Balalaikas, domras, guitars)

Russian version


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